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Email marketing continues to perform well, bringing in major ROI for brands. But how do your email results compare?


Email Marketing continues to perform well, bringing in major ROI for brands. Owning your data and connecting with customers where they already are — in their inboxes — can be huge factors when it comes time to measure the success of your marketing methods.

We are often asked "what are my industry averages" and "how can I improve my email marketing results". With these benchmark findings from the 'Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2020: By Industry and Day" from Campaign Monitor, you can see exactly how your email strategy compares, and where a little bit of time and focus will lend itself to the biggest results.


Let’s take a look at a couple of the Key Takeaway's from this reports findings.


This infographic highlights a few of our favorite findings from this report.

Having analysed over 30 billion emails sent globally between January and December 2019. These campaigns were sent by Campaign Monitor customers across 171 countries to subscribers all around the world.

email marketing works


Email benchmarks for all industries.

Here’s the breakdown for average metrics across all industries globally.

email marketing works


Email benchmarks by day.

Taking averages across all campaigns sent globally—regardless of industry—you can see how these campaigns perform by day of the week.

email marketing works


Compare benchmarks between countries.

See how the global benchmarks compare to three other major regions: Australia, United Kingdom, and United States.

email marketing works



Campaign Monitor: Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2020: By Industry and Day.

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