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MindWorks Lead Generating list services can profile, source, clean, sell or rent B2B and B2C lists that grow your business faster.

Better lists lead to better targeting leads to better results. MindWorks can help you target your customer by a wide range of attributes including demographics, psychographics, behavioural or geographical, industry, position, company revenue and much more… helping lift results and reduce wastage.

B2B Lists

B2B Lists

It can be said that direct marketers are only as good as their lists. MindWorks has been sourcing and delivering privacy compliant lists that are proven to work. We have access to 230,000 key B2B decision-makers in A&NZ.
MindWorks provides, as part of campaign development, detailed industry sector research and recommend relevant databases; including total record counts and cost, for consideration.

B2B Lists

B2C Lists

With access to over 11 million individual consumers from Australia and New Zealand, MindWorks can pinpoint the right match for your product/service offering.
We can help determine robust test sample size so that you can run tests in confidence.

B2B Lists

Email, Mailing, Telemarketing Lists

Whatever marketing teams preferred campaign strategy MindWorks can provide the right list. Our expertise allows us to sort from lifestyle, geodemographic, subscriber and mail-order lists
We can segment B2B and B2C lists using a multitude of section criteria including age, income, lifestyle attributes, purchase history, industry, position, revenue, location and much more.

B2B Lists

Cost per Lead, Cost per Thousand, Rent or Buy

In today's competitive market there are a variety of methods that are available to ensure you get the best result for marketing spend.
MindWorks proven capabilities allows us to support marketers objective with the most effective recommendations.

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