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MindWorks Direct Mail services include Communication Planning and Strategy, Full Creative Service, Full Print Production and Mailhouse Management for bulk personalised mail, Letterbox drop, Catalogues, Fulfilment, Dimensional, Postage and inbound Reply Paid handling.

While we all know it’s a digital world – people still like to receive and respond to Direct Mail. According to recent studies, response rates have improved from just a few years ago. Why? …because recipients of Direct Mail find it a compelling and personalised experience.


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Direct Mail Marketing

Rather than a move from Direct Mail to digital alone, the preference for a multichannel marketing approach that includes Direct Mail, has grown stronger.


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B2B Direct Mail

79% of B2B marketers find Direct Mail effective tactic. MindWorks approach to creating cut-through Direct Mail for B2B whether dimensional, multichannel or lead nurturing lifts response rates.


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Not Now, Maybe Later®

MindWorks Not Now, Maybe Later®technique builds loyalty and retention between a brand and customer through consistent reinforcement that a purchase decision was the ‘right decision’.

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Multichannel marketing to consumers has grown stronger

Australia Post 'Better connections' consumer survey confirms physical mail continues to deliver urgency and engagement for marketers. Rather than a move from mail to email, the preference for multichannel marketing has grown stronger. MindWorks builds responsive multichannel campaigns that seamlessly include personalised Direct Mail.
MindWorks proprietary response device 'Not Now, Maybe later'® lifts response further by delivering qualified leads for future sales pipeline Lead Nurturing opportunities.


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Business to Business Direct Mail works

According to Marketing Sherpa 79% of B2B marketers find Direct Mail an effective tactic. MindWorks approach to creating cut-through creative messaging underpinned by targeted and segmented data drives higher response rates.


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Not Now, Maybe Later® builds loyalty

Building loyalty between a brand and customer requires a commitment to provide consistent reinforcement to the customer that they have made the ‘right decision’ to ‘buy’ a product/service in the first place. Most importantly the product itself needs to keep delivering its promise, however overtime customers can take this for granted.
It is at this moment that they are open to competitors offers.

This communication strategy rewards the customer without building up an expectation that they have really done anything special to deserve the reward - other than being interested.

MindWorks Not now, Maybe later technique can be deployed in many instances:

  For low transaction high involvement relationships rewards can be provided in significantly more cost effective ways and with significantly less cost compared to a loyalty program.

  Alternatively brands looking to GROW their revenue from existing customers, via Cross-Sell or Upgrade opportunities, can use Not Now, Maybe Later technique to help identify warm prospects and guide them to respond.


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