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About Us

MindWorks Data. Digital. Direct. Social experience has proven that only ‘best practice’ Digital & Direct Marketing – the merging of Intelligent Data insights with Relevant and Engaging creative, a mapped multi-touchpoint Customer Conversion Pathway across mobile, web, social, mail, search, phone and traditional media - that follows a Measurable implementation strategy can equip marketing teams to build loyal relationships with their customers and a sustainable lift in results.

MindWorks Direct Marketing qualifications reflect our industry leading expertise and our Senior Level Marketing experience gained from more than a decade of collaborative client/agency partnerships.

What We Do


The MindWorks Difference

Our lead generation process MindStage - measurably drives leads along a Customer Conversion Pathway delivering more certainty to marketers looking to Generate More Leads, Increase Customer Spend, Grow Brand Awareness and Lower Marketing Costs.
MindStage is executed through a four-step methodology which combines:


Intelligent Data

 Data Audit - Best customer/New prospects
  Lists Source B2C and B2B in AN&Z
  Reduce Marketing wastage with better targeting
  Conduct Survey's to gain insights


Relevant and Engaging Creative

  Identify the key reason why customers will buy
  Extract Single Minded Proposition
  Develop a winning Creative Idea
  Measurable creative lifts results


Customer Conversion Pathway 

  Identify Customer (multiple) Touchpoints
  Smooth the customer pathway
  Initiate relevant call-to-actions
  Drive Conversion with trigger responses



  Test and Learn philosophy
  Everything is Measured (and fed back to CRM)
  Objective based Result Reporting
  Evaluation and Next-Step recommendations

MindStage - Customer Conversion Pathway

The MindStage method can be implemented as a single or multichannel strategy.
As a single promotional campaign or a continuous lead nurturing automated program.

MindWorks timely Reports provide key Customer Conversion Pathway outcomes to marketers allowing them to Generate More Leads, Increase Customer Spend, Grow Brand Awareness and Lower Marketing Costs.


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