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We Are Lead Generation Experts. We identify customer insights, create cut-through messages, execute Digital and Direct Marketing campaigns and report final results.

Since 2002, MindWorks Digital & Direct Marketing Services has helped marketers sustainably Generate More Leads, Increase Customer Spend, Grow Brand Awareness and Lower Marketing Costs.


Award Winning Service. Measurable Results.

Marketers looking for 'fresh new leads' can choose from MindWorks full suite of Digital & Direct Marketing services, including:

Email Marketing | Google AdWords | Website Marketing | Direct Mail Marketing | Social Media Marketing | SEO Marketing | Database Marketing | B2B Sales Marketing | Direct Response Advertising

MindWorks Consulting & Strategic Services

How Does MindStage work?

The MindStage process allows marketers to turn prospects into customers. By targeting pre-qualified prospects with relevant creative messages that align to their needs, across their preferred communication channel/s when they are actively looking for or interested in what marketers have to sell, turns prospects into customers.

The MindStage process provides marketers the tools to better manage the Customer Journey. By building brand/product awareness, reinforcing benefits and highlighting strong Call-To-Actions that drive conversion.

The Customer Journey


Four Steps to Success

The MindStage proces has four-steps:


1. Insightful Data

 Database & Online Analytics Review
  Lists Source B2C and B2B in AN&Z
  Better Targeting Reduces Costs
  Ongoing Customer Insights Online Survey


2. Multichannel Touchpoints

  Identify Customer Conversion (multiple) Touchpoints
  Create/Build Multichannel Content
  Initiate Relevant Call-To-Actions
  Automate/Trigger Engagement Response/s


3. Engaging Creative Content

  Identify Key Customer Insights
  Extract Key Message/s (SMP)
  Develop Targeted Creative Content
  Measurable Creative Lifts Results


4. Robust Reporting

  Test and Learn Philosophy
  Everything is Measured (integrated with Analytics)
  Objective based Result Reporting
  Evaluation and Next-Step Recommendations

MindSearch® - Turning Leads into Sales

MindSearch. identifies Key Customer Insights and aligns them to the Brand Benefits to deliver a Single Minded Proposition .

Customer Insights & Creative Content

To assist marketing teams better understand the customers current mindset, MindWorks facilitates a half-day workshop - MindSearch® - which offersa cost effective 'inside-out-view' of customer insights with the workshop objective to Identify the key reason why customers will buy captured as a Single Minded Proposition.

Customer Conversion Pathway

Engagement Opportunities. The MindStage process drives 'leads' along a Customer Conversion Pathway by identifying the right Digital & Personal Touchpoints and setting a trigger response for each 'engagement opportunity'.

A consistent 'leads' pipeline provides certainty for marketers looking to Generate More Leads, Increase Customer Spend, Grow Brand Awareness and Lower Marketing Costs.


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