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Many marketers who research for available B2B data (business lists) may start looking at their targeted Industry segment as a keyword search in Google. This will produce 1000’s of entries – some related and most non-related to the industry or business segment the marketer is trying target.

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They may then research a few on-line directories such as the Yellow pages. This may yield 1000’s of record results - some relevant - some not so relevant. By now the marketer is getting a somewhat 'inflated' figure of how many companies might be available in their target market segment.

They then make enquiries with a List Specialist - such as MindWorks - asking for specific B2B list counts oftheir target market segment. We will run the counts and send the details to the marketer and invariably the response is "the counts are a lot smaller than Google or Yellow pages". And then the question comes; “Why isn’t there anymore B2B list data available for my business segment?”


Well, let’s look at these Key Findings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to get an idea of how many businesses there are in Australia.

As of June 30, 2016, the number of actively trading businesses in the market sector was 2,171,544, an increase of 2.4% from 30 June 2015. Of these:

  • 60.7% of actively trading businesses in Australia had no employees
  • 27.6% had 1-4 employees
  • 9.2% had 5-19 employees
  • 2.3% had 20-199 employees
  • Only 0.2% of businesses had 200 or more employees


Here is a table that summarises these numbers.

Australian Businesses by Employment Size Range copy


The ABS statistics reveal the total number of businesses in Australia with people working in them (as opposed to just company name, trusts etc) comes to approx 850,000. Of these:

  • 600,000 are below 5 employees.
  • 200,000 businesses have 5-20 employees and
  • approx. 55,000 with 20+ employees.

By then selecting specific industry segments within the employee bands we end up with the 'surprising' results.

The other issue with comparing different data sources is that to run an effective B2B campaign you must contact or speak to a real person within the company ie the Decision Maker.

Directories, Yellow Pages and Google searches will only provide you with the business name, address and maybe the telephone number however not the name of a contact in the company to talk to.

There is further limitation with these on-line directories as there is no way of knowing the employee or revenue size of the business.


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