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Whether you are e-commerce or bricks-and-mortar business, MindWorks SEO services offer marketers a cost-effective channel to drive more ready-to-buy leads to your businesses website - delivering more conversions.

MindWorks SEO Performance Report is based on your website - not industry averages.

Simply complete the details and we'll send through your personalised Performance Report within 48 working hours.



SEO Performance Report - FREE

MindWorks review and report on current website SEO performance includes:
  1. Index - ensuring Google has the latest sitemap of your website
  2. URL inspection - running a URL inspection to make sure Google sees your page as Users do
  3. Page Titles - review page titles and make sure they reflect content and User search terms
  4. Description Meta Tags - compare meta tags against page content to make sure they are unique and accurate
  5. Heading Tags - review hierarchical structure for your content including multiple heading sizes
  6. Structured Content - marking up key elements of your business ie opening hours, helps to display your content in useful (and eye-catching!) ways
  7. Site Hierarchy - site navigation to breadcrumbs review and setup a site navigation page
  8. Optimise Content - from Social Media to Blogs and Email Links and how best to implement
  9. Optimise Images - ALT attributes provide a descriptive replacement for non-displaying images
  10. Be Mobile Friendly - ensure mobile responsive across all devices
  11. Analyse - Review website through tools like Google Search Console


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