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Responsive Print Advertising


In today’s digital world it’s easy to assume print advertising is dead. Many companies focus on email marketing, blogging, video and social media marketing to raise brand awareness, increase website traffic and boost sales. 

The one medium that is largely overlooked is print media.

Print Advertising still matters and is alive and working in both B2B and B2C marketing. The facts speak for themselves:

1. Trust

According to a survey conducted by Marketing Sherpa on (US) customer trust - Print Advertising got the first spot with an impressive 82%.

A UK study found that 90% of respondents consider print reliable.


2. Brand Recall

A study by Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making to find the difference in human response to physical/digital media. The study found physical Advertising led to a stronger emotional response.

A True Impact Marketing study in Canada determined brand recall for Print Advertising (75%) outperformed Digital Advertising (44%).

brand recall

3. Drives Response and Action

Further; 10% more customers will visit advertiser’s website because of effective Print Advertising.

And 39% of customers first try a business because of Print Advertising.

drives response

4. Uninterrupted

Print Advertising can be much more relaxed and allows the reader to focus as there isn’t a constant flow of other (digital) media vying for your attention, distracting you according to Hubspot It's findings noted: 91% of users say digital ads are more pushy today than in previous years.

Interstingly the most common experimental findings suggest that reading from a screen is 20% to 30% slower when compared to reading from paper.


5. NO Ad Blockers

There are No Ad-Blockers in Print Advertising and readers conceive Advertisments as an Integral part of their purchase. According to Statista 27.5% of all US web surfers block ads in 2020.

PageFair suggest similar figures in Australia.

ad blockers

6. Readers read print

Print Advertisements last longer. - on tables and desks, in hotels, cafes, offices and waiting rooms…

It is fair to say that Print Advertising is probably less important for purely practical purchases. Print works better for products and services with longer consideration times (such as big ticket B2C items or B2B marketing)

While its true print media is shrinking and moving online, 56% of people who read newspapers, read them in print.

lasts longer

Yes, Print Advertising matters

As the facts, trends, and data show, print ads are here to stay. Print media remains one of the most important and powerful mediums to reach audiences and perform marketing activities.

Moreover, being a top-of-funnel medium, the print media is pure brand advertising. This is an extremely important for boosting brand visibility and brand awareness (as it traditionally has been) as well as establishing brand worthiness and value in the market.



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