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Today's marketers must maximise their brand exposure 'organically' online. These cost effective strategies will help you identify the SEO Language you'll need to reach your target market - the first time!

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Let's start with some basic definitions:

    • Curate – find, organise and share information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest for your intended audience
    • Create – you are the author. You can create content from research findings, write an opinion piece, elaborate on how your company meets customers challenges - just keep in mind the audience
    • Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for Content is the simple activity of ensuring content contains the words and phrases relevant to a users search so that content can be found by search engines.


Two rules of SEO Language for Content Marketing

Whether curating or creating content to promote your business services or products via the internet keep in mind:

  1. Language of SEO – think Keywords and Search Phrases
  2. Edit for mulitchannels – character length LinkedIn 250/Twitter 140


Tip 1 Use Google search to identify Keywords and Phrases

Open Google and type in the topic of your content. Goolge will present a few options of Keywords and Phrases (SEO language) that you could include in your content.

Google Search KeyWords Phrases1.png


Tip 2 - Use Google page 1 listings to identify more Keywords and Phrases

Take your SEO Language research further and review the Keywords and Phrases on page 1 of the organic search ranking… a wealth of valuable insights can be utilised.

Google Search KeyWords Phrases5.png


Tip 3 - Use Google page 1 search suggestions in 'footer' for even more Keywords and Phrases

Google is so helpful they'll even provide a few more suggestions at the footer of their page - see image above.


Tip 4 - Use Social Media to find relevant Keywords and Phrases and explore groups/network/entities for deeper content and Keyword/Phrases insights

SEO Language research and your preferred Social Media SEO Language is primarily used on Google and other search engines however when researching for Keywords and Phrases Social Media can be helpful.

A simple search can present Keywords and Phrases on your topic and further investigation of companies/entities that operate within these areas of interest, can also generate more insights for use within your content.



Tip 5 - Use Keywords and Phrases as primary characters when editing for Multichannel posts

Another useful benefit of SEO Language research is editing for multichannel. Most marketers know how many characters are available across Social Media platforms - some like Twitter are totally restrictive whereas other Social Media 'Posts' allow more characters - however if you want your content to be read without users having to …see more, use your SEO thinking when crafting your edited Post copy.

And of course visuals help… so where possible use a eye-catching and relevant image to gain more traction.



Improve SEO Language across Multichannel Posts

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