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Proven Strategy

Having a new baby means new mums have a single focus in life. Mums will do whatever it takes to make sure baby has everything it needs. But when a unforeseen accident happens being able to afford extra help means baby doesn't suffer while mum gets better.


Customer Pathway

A proposition focused on the baby's future well being was presented using MindWorks proven technique 'Not Now, Maybe Later' and took the form of a series of 'Flash Cards' that mum could use to teach her child about cute baby animals. If the product offer was taken up immediately the mum could still request the full series of Flash Cards using reply paid envelope included in fully personalised Direct mail pack.


Improved Results

The proposition struck a chord with a higher than campaign objective take up. Further a great number of conversion occurred when each request for 'series of free flash cards' was courtesy called back to ensure we had the right address details allowing the product benefits to be explained again in detail and any customer concerns alleviated.



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