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Proven Strategy

With today's business storing ever increasing amounts of data, retrieving and sharing files in realtime needs a powerful server or in large scale network-attached storage (NAS). The challenge faced by Hitachi is IT departments concerns about compatibility and ease of instalment and use. The creative proposition 'You don't have to be a magician' suggested Hitachi had taken the challenge away.


Customer Pathway

A personalised 3D Direct mail pack piqued even the most sceptical IT Managers interest and playfully explained the key benefits of the product offer. A follow up Email and Landing Page where appointments could be captured completed the tactics. The inclusion of a pack of playing cards guaranteed some office conversation amongst colleagues. Poker anyone?


Improved Results

As a lead generator this pack worked hard delivering over 40% more leads than past activity. A lift in product awareness was also noted when sales team followed up non-responders.



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